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Published Jul. 6, 2006

From newspapers of Sept. 23, 1945: American occupation troops in Japan will launch a wholesale arrest of the people who masterminded Japan's war effort, the White House discloses. The aim is to smash Japanese militarism and ultra-nationalism. Along with this, Washington has directed that if democratically minded Japanese start an armed revolt against their overlords, occupation forces are not to interfere. In Tokyo, Gen. Douglas MacArthur asks for a full accounting of the personal fortune of Emperor Hirohito. President Truman is reported to have sent a letter to the British government urging that restrictions on Jewish emigration to Palestine be eased. An estimated 100,000 Jews are seeking to go to Palestine from Europe. The War Production Board, the federal agency most responsible for the performance of the country's industrial economy during the war, will go out of existence around the end of October, it is disclosed in Washington. At the height of the war, the board had 6,000 employees.