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Published Jul. 6, 2006

From newspapers of Sept. 24, 1945: President Truman tells reporters he is assuming complete responsibility for his administration's policy toward the development and use of atomic energy. Truman denies reports published in some newspapers that Commerce Secretary Henry Wallace had advocated releasing atom secrets to the Soviet Union at a cabinet meeting three days ago. The meeting had simply been a discussion of the bomb's future and what everybody thought might be best for the country and the world, the president says. An unnamed administration official tells the Associated Press the subject of sharing secrets with Moscow was raised but that it would be "very unfair" to say Wallace brought it up. The Selective Service says it is sticking to its policy that World War II veteran have an absolute right to their former jobs. For months some union leaders and employers have been assailing the policy, but the Selective Service says the veteran is to get his old job _ or a similar one _ even if it means firing an employee who was on the job before the veteran entered the service. In London, it is reported that Britain will continue to restrict Jewish emigration to Palestine to 1,500 people a month but intends to refer the whole issue of Jews and Palestine to the United Nations.