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SCARY STORIES // Charles in the abandoned house

It was late in October when we walked past the old abandoned house. For being abandoned, the house looked surprisingly good on the outside. Even in the fall there was green, green grass, and the yard was full of flowers. The apple trees were full. The house had a good paint job.

The inside of the house was quite a different story; it looked very bad.

It was just after school, and we decided to go to the abandoned house and hang out.

"Are y'all sure we should be here?" Charles asked. "I've heard some weird stuff about this place."

Charles is the oldest at 18. He is tall with brown eyes and jet black hair that is in "dreads."

"Are you scared?" Tree answered.

Tree is as tall as Charles but is stronger from playing football. His eyes are light brown. and he is light-skinned. His "dreads" are longer than Charles'.

"What are you scared of? What harm can this place do you? See how nice it looks."

"That's what you think!" replied Charles.

"Well, funk y'all," said Baby Tee. "I'm going, and I don't care what scaredy Charles is afraid of."

Baby Tee is the youngest at 14. She has beautiful brown eyes and sandy red hair. She likes being part of the group, which includes her cousin Ya-Ya. Ya-Ya is a slightly older version of Baby Tee, with her sandy red hair that blends well with her light-skinned features. It is easy to tell they are related.

"Maybe we should go home and tell our parents where we are," suggested Baby Tee.

"Man, I don't feel like walking all that way," was Tree's answer.

"Y'all dumb," called out Tree. "Just come on." Tree was on his way to the abandoned house. "This don't look like no abandoned house."

The girls and Charles followed Tree into the house. Everything inside was filthy and covered with dust. Wherever you walked, you kicked up dust, which looked like see-through ghosts. They found out that, although everything was dirty, it was still working.

"This is cool," said Ya-Ya. "Maybe we could clean this place up and have a place to come to after school. If this place is abandoned, nobody would ever know."

"I don't think that's a good idea. This place gives me the creeps," said Charley.

Everyone else thought that was a great idea, so the girls pitched in to clean while the boys stayed outside chillin', listening to music.

They finished cleaning just as it began to get dark.

Instead of going home, they decided they would watch some television. While they were watching, the TV cut off.

"What's wrong?" asked Baby Tee.

"Nothing, the TV is probably just old," was Tree's answer.

Then everyone noticed the thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. The rain was beating very hard on the roof. Suddenly, all the lights went out.

"I'm scared," cried Baby Tee.

Everyone started to scream and began running around in the dark room.

"Ouch! I just ran into something," yelled Ya-Ya.

"That was me, stupid," said Tree. "Everyone just be quiet for a minute and stay still."

Baby Tee started to cry.

"Don't be scared. Everything will be all right," said Ya-Ya.

"Charley, where are you?" called out Tree from the dark. There was no answer.

"Maybe he got scared and ran home," Ya-Ya said.

"It's raining too hard. We better go find him."

The three of them found each other in the dark and started to edge nervously through the house looking for Charley. In the kitchen they found a flashlight that was just barely working. When the light came on, it cast spooky shadows on the wall.

"Where's that noise?" exclaimed Ya-Ya.

"I don't hear nothing, girl. You're just hearing things."

"No she's not, because I hear it, too," said Baby Tee. "Man, I don't know about this. I'm leaving."

"Wait on me. I'm going, too," said Ya-Ya.

The girls both ran to the door, but it was locked. They both ran back to Tree. They were very scared, and still no sign of Charley.

The three of them slowly went back to the living room and sat huddled together on the couch. Then Charley appeared. He had green, slimy stuff oozing out of his mouth. His hair had been torn partly from his head. His teeth were rotten, and his clothes were torn to shreds. He looked as if he had risen from the dead.

"Charley, what's wrong, dog? Where have you been?"

Charley didn't answer. He came at them, picking Baby Tee up by her throat. Tree grabbed Charley's arm, and it broke off, shooting green stuff all over.

Everyone started screaming as Charley, with the other hand, grabbed Tree and snapped his neck like a small twig. Ya-Ya and Baby Tee tried to help, but Charley just threw them to the floor, and he started to break off parts of Tree and eat him.

Ya-Ya and Baby Tee ran. They found a door and ran through it, locking it behind them. There were stairs leading to the basement. There was no way out. The furnace was growing bright. Ya-Ya could see all the spider webs and, worst of all, the eyes of the rats peering from the dark corners. Even though the door was locked, Charley easily broke through it. He saw the girls hiding behind the furnace and went after them. Just as he was about to grab Baby Tee, Ya-Ya threw herself against him. He fell off balance and stumbled into the burning furnace.

The girls quickly ran up the stairs and out into the rain.

Nobody believed the girls' story and no trace of Tree or Charley was ever found. They just thought that they ran away.

Tequila, 14, lives in St. Petersburg. She is an eighth grader at Tyrone Middle School.