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The world reacts to Israel's tragedy // Islamic Jihad

@@ The new leader of the militant Palestinian Islamic Jihad group hailed the assassination Yitzhak Rabin Saturday.

Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, a former part-time professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa who last week became the head of Islamic Jihad, said he didn't regret Rabin's killing.

"I am not sorry for the killing of Rabin, who is the world's No. 1 terrorist," said Shallah. He succeeded Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shikaki, who was assassinated in Malta Oct. 26.

"What if the world lost one of the criminals and killers? It is the blessing of the martyr leader Fathi Shikaki's blood," said Shallah, whose ties with the terrorist group stunned many USF officials last week.

Police arrested an Israeli Jewish man in Rabin's assassination. But the killing came just days after Shallah threatened retribution against the prime minister during a funeral march for Shikaki.

In Syria on Wednesday, Shallah said Rabin would "pay a high price, as high as the value of Shikaki in our hearts."

The Damascus-based Islamic Jihad accused the Israeli secret service Mossad of assassinating Shikaki and vowed to take revenge from all Jews. _ Reuters