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Published Jul. 6, 2006

Percentage of Hillsborough County voters who cast ballots against a proposed sales tax for police, fire and courthouse projects in September:

Percentage of those voters who said a major reason for their opposition was that local officials are willing to spend money on sports stadiums but ignore everyday needs:

Houses sold in the Tampa metropolitan area in September 1994:

Houses sold in the Tampa metro area this September:

Estimated percentage of vehicles owned by the city of Tampa that do not receive preventative maintenance in accordance with the city's maintenance policy:

Average amount that the city's fleet maintenance division spends repairing a police cruiser bought in 1990:

Original purchase price of those police cars:

Percentage of international leisure visitors to Tampa from Canada:

Percentage of international leisure visitors to Tampa from Brazil:

Fire deaths in Tampa, 1993:

Fire deaths in Tampa so far this year:


Voters' attitudes: "Hillsborough County Voters Reject Earmarked Sales Taxes for Public Schools and Public Safety, Exit Survey Results, Special Election Held Sept. 12, 1995," an October 1995 report by Susan A. MacManus, University of South Florida Department of Government & International Affairs.

House sales: Florida Association of Realtors. The Tampa metropolitan area includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

Realtors attributed the 10 percent increase in home sales to optimism resulting from a 1-point drop in interest rates. In September 1994, the average rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage stood at 8.68 percent. This September, it had dropped to 7.64 percent.

Fleet maintenance costs: Oct. 4 audit of the city of Tampa Public Works Department, Fleet Maintenance Division, by the Office of the City Auditor.

Not all police cruisers go to fleet maintenance for repairs. Currently, 225 marked police cars are covered by extended service plans that limit repair costs to $3,000 per vehicle. A total of 95 police cars are not covered by extended service plans.

Auditors estimate that buying the extended service plans has saved the city $400,000.

International leisure visitors: "Tampa/Hillsborough County Pleasure Visitor Profile, Annual Report 1994," released Oct. 30 by the Tampa/Hillsborough Convention and Visitors Association.

Brazil ranked as Tampa's leading international market for visitors.

Fire deaths: Tampa Fire Department.