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White House: Clintons' personal attorney went through Foster's files // WHITEWATER PANEL

Republicans on the Senate Whitewater Committee said Thursday that they plan to question President and Mrs. Clinton's former personal attorney after it was disclosed that he reviewed Vincent Foster's papers in the White House family residence.

The Republicans also said they want to recall _ for a third round of questioning _ Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, and longtime friend, New York lawyer Susan Thomases.

In a letter released to the news media, the White House revealed that Williams was present when private attorney Robert Barnett looked at Foster's files, which contained Whitewater documents and other financial papers of the Clintons.

In addition, the White House told the Whitewater committee that Thomases and another close friend of Mrs. Clinton, Diane Blair of Arkansas, were in the White House family residence when Barnett was examining Foster's files.

The letter released by the White House says Barnett doesn't recall seeing Mrs. Clinton or Thomases during his 87-minute visit to the family residence on July 27, 1993, although he does not rule it out. The Senate committee revealed that Williams, in private testimony to the Senate investigators four months ago, said Barnett came to the White House that day specifically to see Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton and Barnett spent "about half an hour" together, Williams testified. She said she did not know what they discussed.