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They teach science, technology, language arts and arithmetic, physical education, chorus, reading and art. They were selected from among 136 nominees from 80 schools, centers and departments. They represent the best our schools have to offer. They will be honored and the Teacher of the Year named at a luncheon Feb. 12 at the Belleview Mido Resort Hotel. They are Pinellas County's top 10 Educators of the Year.

Top of the Class salutes them.


Lakewood High School

Center for Advanced Technologies

Multimedia instructor

"My educational philosophy emphasizes independent student exploration and cooperative learning groups. Students are given initial training in a particular area and then encouraged to work on a specific project with a purpose. They learn to think independently, to trouble-shoot, to work on a team, to organize and plan, and to write coherently."


Bachelor of arts, English, Kalamazoo College.


Language arts/journalism/television production/multimedia teacher, Pinellas County Schools, 1979-present.

Achievements and Honors:

Executive producer, Ultimate 10, WTSP-TV Ch. 10.

Director, Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics./

Broadcast coordinator, Florida Scholastic Press Association Annual Convention and Fall Workshop.

Publication: "The Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Laboratory," Florida Education and Technology Quarterly.

Video presentation: Technology: The Key to the Future, Pinellas County Educational Technology Conference.


Pre-K DEES Department

Visually impaired

"I believe that every child is an individual with unique qualities and characteristics. My plans incorporate each child's individuality and specific skills. I'm launching these children into the marathon of living. My goal is not to fix the children, but to emphasize their connection within the family and community."


Master of science, visual disabilities, Florida State University.

Bachelor of science, visual disabilities, Florida State University.


Pinellas County Schools, 1988-present.

Hillsborough County Schools, 1988.

Pinellas Center for the Visually Impaired, 1987-1988.

Leon County Schools, 1987.

Hillsborough County Schools, 1986.

Achievements and Honors:

Certified master's level Florida teaching certificate in visual disabilities, elementary education and primary education.

Certified INSITE and VIISA models.

Selected as a state VIISA trainer.

Nominated for CIGNA Outstanding Educators, 1993.


North Ward Elementary School


"It is my job as a teacher to listen to and understand my students, to encourage them and offer them support and to help them to help themselves. I work along with the children to create a community of learners in which we care about each other and learn from one another."


Bachelor of arts, Spanish and French, University of Kentucky.


North Ward Elementary, 1992-present.

Cross Bayou Elementary, 1990-1992.

Pinellas County Schools, 1989-1990.

Anona Christian Preschool, 1980-1989.

Fayette County Public Schools, 1972-1977.

Achievements and Honors:

Certified in early childhood and elementary education.

Pinellas County Elementary Instructional Technology Teacher of the Year, 1994.

Nominee for Math Teacher of the Year, 1992.

Vice president, North Ward SAC, 1992-present.


Ridgecrest Elementary School

Fifth-grade gifted

"My educational philosophy is to provide learning opportunities that enable my students to identify and develop their unique talents to the fullest potential to benefit the child and society. I empower my students to become information managers, effective communicators, numeric problem solvers, and creative and complex thinkers who delve into areas of interest to seek unique or divergent solutions to life issues and problems."


Bachelor of arts, elementary education, University of South Florida.

Associate in arts, St. Petersburg Junior College.


Ridgecrest Elementary, 1994-present.

Pinellas Central Elementary, 1992-1994.

Seminole Elementary, 1991-1992.

Safety Harbor Elementary, 1990-1991.

Achievements and Honors:

Pinellas County Education Foundation Mini-Grant recipient, 1995.

Teacher of the Year nominee, 1994.

Florida Federation Council for Exceptional Children Rookie Teacher of the Year, 1993.


Carwise Middle School


"The public schools are places for learning. It is my job and responsibility to constantly raise the standards of my students and help them to see just how far they can go."


Bachelor of arts, music education, Shenandoah Conservatory of Music.

Master of arts, music, Ithaca College.


Carwise Middle, present.

Ozona Elementary, 1992.

South Ward Elementary, 1992.

Fitzgerald Middle, 1985-1991.

Olean City School, Olean, N.Y., 1981-1984

Achievements and Honors:

All County Chorus Conductor 1993, Pinellas County Music Educators.

Faculty Adviser, Kiwanis Builders Club, 1993-1995.

B.U.G.S. Adviser (Bring Up Grades), 1995-present.


Pinellas Park Middle School


"There is more to education than memorizing facts. When a student can assess a new situation, realize and understand we are living in an information age _ with constantly changing "facts,' _ and configure a plan of action, I know that student is using critical thinking skills. These skills, coupled with exercising common sense, are keys to student success."


Master of education, Integrated Curriculum, National Louis University.

Bachelor of science, Rutgers University.


Pinellas Park Middle School, 1981-present.

Most Holy Name, Gulfport, 1975-1981.

Achievements and Honors:

Who's Who in American Education.

Pinellas Park Middle School Outstanding School Service, 1991-94.

Pinellas Park Middle School Teacher of the Month, January 1993.

SAPP Book Fair Scholarship Award, 1992.

School Advisory Council Chair, 1992-95.


Pinellas Park Elementary School

Third grade

"Children get excited, motivated and enthusiastic when learning is relevant and natural to their own environment. Using literature, spelling stories, math, geography, science and multimedia technology within a thematic unit allows a child to become a global, literate thinker."


Bachelor of arts, elementary education, University of South Florida.


Pinellas Park Elementary School, 1989-present.

Achievements and Honors:

Pinellas County Education Foundation Mini-Grant recipient, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994

Pinellas County Economics Fair Award recipient, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993


Cross Bayou Elementary School

Fifth grade

"Education is a life-long process. The educators who are part of that process can make it exceedingly beneficial for the child with a combination of love, involvement and understanding. My role as a teacher is to bring out the best in each child in my classroom."


Bachelor of arts, University of South Florida.


Cross Bayou Elementary School, present (Seventeen years of classroom experience, including first, second, third, fourth, fifth, first/second combination, and fourth/fifth combination).

Achievements and Honors:

Supervising teacher for level I and level III interns.

Team leader for first and fifth grades.

Intermediate Language Arts Network Representative.

Recycling coordinator.

Safety Patrol coordinator.


East Lake High School

Language arts

"Our presence in this world affects other people. We can choose to live so that the effect we have on others is of a positive nature. When we enter the teaching profession, we dedicate ourselves to making a beneficial difference in the lives of others."


Master of education, University of South Florida.

Bachelor of science, Ohio University.

Bachelor of fine arts, Ohio University.


East Lake High School, 1988-present.

Tarpon Springs High School, 1981-88.

Athens High School, Athens, Ohio, 1975-81.

Achievements and Honors:

Nominated for CIGNA's Teacher of the Year Award, 1991-92, 1992-93.

Nominated for USF Teacher of the Year, 1993-94.

Staff Member of the Month, East Lake High, January 1993 and December 1991.

Staff Member of the Year, East Lake High, 1991-92.

Florida Council of Teachers of English Commendation, 1991.


Walsingham Elementary School

Adapted Physical Education

"It is the responsibility of the American education system to step forward on the challenges our nation will face in the future. The classroom educator is most efficient when administrators, classroom educators, support personnel, parents, students, local governments and private enterprises work cooperatively together to achieve the educational goals of our society."


Doctorate degree, exceptional child education, University of South Florida.

Master of arts, adapted physical education, University of South Florida.

Bachelor of arts, physical education, University of South Florida.

Associate of arts, elementary education, St. Petersburg Junior College.


Walsingham Elementary School, 1991-present.

Nina Harris Exceptional Student Center, 1981-1991.

Achievements and Honors:

State physical educator of the year, 1995.

University of South Florida Teacher of the Year Award, 1993-94.

Paul B. Stephens Jr. Exceptional Education Teacher of the Year,1993.