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Love airline food? // Try these recipes

Just in case the food on the plane was so delicious you want it at home, American Airlines has written up recipes to help business travelers re-create the "subtle flavors and tantalizing aromas" in their own kitchens.

The 18-page recipe book, A Taste of Something Special, includes what the airline calls in-flight favorites such as the root-based Cream of Yucca Soup. The mixture of yucca chunks, heavy cream, oil, onions, jalapenos and chicken broth is chopped, sauteed, simmered, then ground up in a food processor.

"Because some of our customers frequently request recipes so they can prepare their in-flight favorites at home, we asked our executive chefs to adapt a few of these new recipes" for smaller-sized portions, the book's preface says.

American Airlines was not able to say how many customers have requested recipes for its food. The airline handed out the recipe books at a promotion Wednesday for its new, fancier business-class service. Only a limited number of books is available.

Although a few courses verge on the complicated _ "Peanut Crusted Chicken with Roasted Banana Honey Sauce" _ others such as "Ice Cream Sundae" are much more simple.

"Scoop ice cream into a clear, footed glass bowl or sundae glass; layer toppings and finish with whipped cream and nuts to create your very own premium class dessert," it says.