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tales of terror // Run over by a four-wheeler!

Get it off me! Just get the four-wheeler off me!

Up until then, it had been a normal summer day. Matt and I were riding his go-kart and four-wheeler. Matt's brother, Justin, and my brother, Erik, were there watching us race. We spent hours riding and had lots of fun jumping piles of dirt and rocks.

Then the two of us decided to race. I was riding the four-wheeler, and Matt was riding the go-kart. Matt had the dirt track all set up and ready for us to race. I went to the middle of the track and made a path since the four-wheeler didn't go as fast as the go-kart. Justin started the race.

Matt was right on my tail, so I slowed down after the first lap, pretending there was something wrong with the four-wheeler. When Matt slowed down, I put the four-wheeler in full throttle and took off, which gave me a pretty good lead.

On the last turn, with about 15 feet to the finish line, I was clearly ahead of Matt and, therefore, decided to jump the dirt pile. The four-wheeler jumped up in the air, I leaned left and steered right to make the turn. As my body slipped off, my hand became pinned between the brake and the throttle. I landed first, then the four-wheeler landed on me. The gas was still going, so the four-wheeler ran over me. Once I freed my hand, the four-wheeler stopped on me.

I tried to push it off, but it was too heavy. Before the accident, all I could think of was winning the race. Now I just wanted the four-wheeler off of me.

I pulled my helmet off. Then Matt helped push the four-wheeler off me. The exhaust pipe burned my ankle, and the tire scraped the inside of my leg. Erik, my brother, ran over as fast as he could, and both Erik and Matt helped me up while Justin ran to get help. We were pretty far from the house, so I had to ride the four-wheeler back.

Matt's older sister is a nurse. She put some antibiotic on my leg, which helped it heal quickly.

I learned a very big lesson: If you ever ride a four-wheeler, always wear jeans.

Greg is a student at Carwise Middle School.