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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Tattoo shops in Hillsborough County 10 years ago: 1

Tattoo shops in Hillsborough five years ago: 3

Tattoo shops in Hillsborough today: 10

Increase, in percent, in the number of arrests countywide for driving under the influence of alcohol, 1994 to 1995: +6

Decrease, in percent, in the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths countywide for the same year: -10

Number of customers at Joe Redner's Mons Venus nude-dancing club last year: 230,000

Charge to get in the door at the Mons Venus last year: $10

Estimated percentage of the club's customers from out of town: 40

Number of Florida Lottery tickets sold annually per Hillsborough County resident: 146

Number of lottery tickets sold annually per resident statewide: 166

Weight, in pounds, of the cyst removed last week from the abdomen of a patient at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital: 91

Weight, in pounds, of women's Gasparilla Distance Classic winner Tegla Loroupe: 85

Sources for Quality of Life Index, 1B

TATTOO SHOPS: General Telephone Co.'s yellow pages for 1986, 1991 and 1996.

DUI ARRESTS VS. DEATHS: "Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Annual DUI Report: 1995." DUI arrests countywide jumped from 3,975 in 1994 to 4,246 in 1995. Alcohol-related traffic deaths dropped from 90 to 81.

MONS VENUS: Joe Redner. Because of complaints from the Tampa fire marshal's office about overcrowding, Redner has raised the cover charge from $10 to $15.

LOTTERY SALES: 1995 Florida Statistical Abstract, published by the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, College of Business Administration, University of Florida. This ratio is calculated by dividing Hillsborough's lottery sales of $128.35-million in 1994-95 by the county's population of 879,100. Similarly, the statewide ratio is derived by dividing Florida's lottery sales of $2.303-billion by its population of $13.8-million.

CYST WEIGHT: Wire reports. Last week's local cyst was big, but there have been bigger. Here is the 1994 The Guinness Book of Records entry for "Largest tumor": "The largest tumor ever reported was an ovarian cyst weight of an estimated 328 pounds, removed from a woman in Texas in 1905 by Dr. Arthur Spohn. The patient made a full recovery. A better documented and more recently recorded tumor was a multicystic mass of the ovary weighing 303 pounds. This is as much as or more than the weight of the average defensive football player. The growth was removed intact in October 1991 from the abdomen of a 35-year-old woman by Professor Katherine O'Hanlen of Stanford University Medical Center. The operation took over six hours, and the patient, now weighing only 210 pounds, left the operating theater on one stretcher while the cyst left on another. The patient made a full recovery."