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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Maximum number of manatees that live in Tampa Bay during the winter: 200

Estimated number of bottle-nosed dolphins that live in the bay during the winter: 500

Approximate number of boats registered in the three counties surrounding Tampa Bay: 100,000

Total number of violent crimes _ murders, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults _ in Tampa during 1992: 9,864

Number of violent crimes in Tampa, 1993: 9,379

Number of violent crimes in Tampa, 1994: 10,262

Number of violent crimes in Tampa last year: 8,556

Percentage of traffic accidents in Hillsborough County that are alcohol-related: 10.7

Percentage of traffic accidents statewide that are alcohol-related: 12.1

Estimated average room rate, per night, for Tampa Bay hotels: $79

Estimated average room rate, per night, for hotels nationwide: $88.10


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