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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Acres of sea grasses in Tampa Bay, 1950: 40,627

Acres of sea grasses in Tampa Bay, 1982: 21,600

Acres of sea grasses in Tampa Bay, 1992: 25,600

Hillsborough County's population in 1995: 884,608

Increase, in percent, in Hillsborough population, 1990 to 1995: +6

Increase, in percent, in Florida's population, 1990 to 1995: +6.3

Larcenies in Tampa, 1993: 18,749

Larcenies in Tampa, 1994: 21,503

Larcenies in Tampa, 1995: 19,458

Percentage of motorists charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Hillsborough County during 1995 who were men in their 30s with an average blood-alcohol level of .09 percent: 35

Increase, in percent, in the total compensation received by TECO chief executive officer Tim Guzzle in 1995: 20.6

Number of other top TECO executives who received pay raises of at least 20 percent in 1995: 2

Compiled by RICHARD DANIELSON with contributions from SUSAN CLARY.