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KENNETH CITY // Bowie, Smith are tops among 5

Voters re-elected Harlene "Honey Bee" Bowie to the Town Council and elected William B. Smith to his first term Tuesday.

In the process, voters ousted Elaine J. Vaughan, who was running for her second term.

Bowie and Smith were the top two vote-getters in a race that included five candidates.

Smith won 31 percent of the votes; Bowie received 23 percent.

They were trailed by former council member Karen Kennedy with 16 percent; Russell Dumont, who got 17 percent; and Vaughan with 13 percent.

"I am grateful to my voters and I will continue to serve them to the best of my abilities," Bowie said in the town's community hall Tuesday night.

She got a congratulatory hug and kiss from Vaughan as results were announced. Vaughan and Bowie often have been on the opposite ends of an often quarrelsome council, split by a 3-2 vote. Bowie asked if Vaughan would remain her friend.

"I have never not been your friend," Vaughan said.

Bowie won her second term. Smith, a retired insurance adjuster, could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

Council members serve two-year terms and their annual salary is $3,200. They serve at-large.

The outcome might have been different if residents had voted properly. They were supposed to vote for two of the five candidates, said City Clerk Joan D. Musgrave.

But 594 voters chose only one candidate. "I've never had this before," Musgrave said.