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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Published Jul. 6, 2006

Percentage of the 155 sewage treatment plants in Hillsborough County that discharge treated wastewater into the bay, lakes, streams or other "surface waters" of Hillsborough: 5

Percentage of the approximately 100 sewage treatment plants that dumped treated effluent into Hillsborough surface waters in 1973: 50

Amount of federal funds that Hillsborough County's Department of Aging Services receives annually for programs such as providing adult day care, delivering meals to the elderly and transporting the elderly to nutrition programs: $1.7-million

Amount of money the county would receive for such programs as a result of proposed federal budget cuts: $1.6-million

Vehicle thefts in Tampa, 1992: 7,151

Vehicle thefts in Tampa, 1993: 8,242

Vehicle thefts in Tampa, 1994: 11,011

Vehicle thefts in Tampa, 1995: 5,868

Percentage of Hillsborough County Republicans who cast ballots in last week's Super Tuesday presidential primary: 27.5

Approximate percentage of Republicans statewide who voted in the Super Tuesday primary: 30

Compiled by RICHARD DANIELSON with contributions from LARRY DOUGHERTY.


WASTE WATER DISCHARGES: "The State of the Environment," 1995 annual report of the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County. Most waste water treatment plants in Hillsborough now discharge treated effluent into percolation ponds. Environmental officials say the reduction in discharges to the bay and local streams have greatly reduced many environmental problems from the 1970s.

CUTS IN ELDERLY PROGRAMS: Feb. 27 memo from County Administrator Dan Kleman to the Hillsborough County Commission. As a result of the cuts to funds administered under the federal Older Americans Act, six clients would be cut from the county's adult day care program, eight people will not be transported to their nutrition site for a daily meal and 33 people will no longer receive meals at home.

VEHICLE THEFTS: Tampa Police Department, Support Services Division, Preliminary 1995 Annual Crime Report.

VOTER TURNOUT: Staff report.