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Silver Dollar Golf Club // Hole No. 16 on the "Panther" nine

A weekly look at an interesting area golf hole

1700 Patterson Road, Odessa, 33556; (813) 920-3884

Par: 5: 512 from the back tees, 500 from the white tees, 416 from the front

Scorecard rating: 10

DESCRIPTION: This is a birdie waiting to happen, but only if you hit your driver on the screws. Anything less means a layup and a wedge over the water protecting the green that slopes toward the water. Most of the lower handicappers go for it in two shots. "If I was in a match play tournament, I'd probably lay up and take the par," club pro Skip Nielson said. "But if the wind is favorable, then I might go for it anyway. It's a fun decision."

THE KEY: The hole, for some unexplained optical reason, is longer than it looks. Be sure not to under-club on the approach or you might end up in the water in front of the green. If you hit the approach over the green, it's no big deal. You should be able to chip back without much trouble.