Report: Richmond left AIDS victims in wake

Published Mar. 25, 1996|Updated Sep. 15, 2005

Auto racing star Tim Richmond infected numerous women with the AIDS virus before his death in 1989, the Miami Herald reported Sunday.

LaGena Lookabill Greene, Richmond's former fiancee, went public in 1995 that she was dying from AIDS and said Richmond infected her. Greene, a former model who lives in Charlotte, N.C., said she has been contacted by women who say they also were infected by Richmond.

"From those calls alone _ only counting the ones from Charlotte _ I could have started a support group of women exposed to HIV from Tim," Greene was quoted as saying. "There would be about 30 in that support group. They told me they were exposed, that they had had sex with Tim and they were worried."

The Herald reported that at least two of Richmond's partners are in seclusion on the East Coast, dying from acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The Herald reported another woman, Debbie Putman, had an encounter with the racing star and died four years ago, but her obituary did not disclose a cause of death.

Richmond's infectious-disease specialist, Dr. David Dodson, was not sure when the race car driver was infected.

"Perhaps in the late '70s," Dodson said, adding that he had been contacted by possible former partners of Richmond.

"I did receive several calls from women around the country," he said.

Richmond was diagnosed with AIDS in December 1986, according to his family. Greene says he infected her Sept. 10 of that year in a New York hotel. She said she believes Richmond knew he had the virus when they had sex after his marriage proposal.

"I grieved his death," she said, "even though he knowingly planted his seed of death inside me."