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Preview of April events // WEIGHTLIFTING

Dates of trials: April 27-28.

Site: St. Joseph, Mo.

TV info: June 2, ESPN, 12:30-1:30 p.m. (tape).

Weight classes: There are 10 _ 119 pounds, 130, 141, 154\, 167{, 182}, 200{, 218\, 238, and 238-plus.

How qualifying works: The U.S. team will have a maximum of 10 lifters, or one in each weight class. Teams can have two athletes in the same weight class, but another weight class must be skipped. The U.S. team qualifies for three guaranteed spots, with the possibility of seven additional wild-card spots obtained through a variety of methods. To get to the trials, athletes take part in 15 international or national level events, starting in March '95 _ with the trials being the 15th event. Lifters are ranked according to their highest total in those 15 events, with their totals divided by a standard qualifying weight. That gives each athlete a percentage of qualifying weight lifted.

Best U.S. chance for a medal: Mark Henry of Austin, Texas, in the 238-plus weight class. A member of the '92 Olympic team, Henry is the reigning national champion, having bettered his national record with a 400-kilo lift (881.75 pounds) in last month's national championships.

Athlete to watch: Pete Kelley, St. Joseph, Mo., 218\ pound weight class.

Athletes with Florida connections: St. Petersburg's Chris LeRoux, 141 pounds, is ranked 24th among U.S. weightlifters. Others include '92 Olympian Tim McRae, 154\, who grew up in Daytona Beach, and 12th-ranked Charles Paiva, of Deltona, at 141 pounds.

Terms you need to know: Six-for-six: This refers to a lifter making six valid lifts in six attempts, or three successful snatches and three successful clean-and-jerks. Kilogram: 1 kilo converts to 2.2046 pounds. Hooking: A technique used to hold the bar. The hook grip is when the thumbs are placed around the bar and underneath the index and second fingers.

Fun fact: The United States has not won an Olympic gold medal in weightlifting since Chuck Vinci in 1960, at 56 kilograms (123\).

Most memorable moment: In recent U.S. Olympic history, the high-water mark is Mario Martinez's silver medal in the super-heavyweight class in 1984.

Quote: From the 6-foot-3, 410-pound Mark Henry, asked if he attracts attention when he ventures out in public? "Yeah, everybody knows me. In Texas, I'm like Davy Crockett or something, like Daniel Boone or somebody."