MacLaine miffed at Letterman

Published April 22, 1996|Updated Sept. 15, 2005

Shirley MacLaine isn't amused by David Letterman mocking her belief in reincarnation. When he interviewed Ricki Lake, her co-star in the new film Mrs. Winterbourne, "He said something to Ricki like "Shirley is nuts, isn't she?' " MacLaine said. "That says more about David than it does me. He's such a negative man and so caustic." MacLaine, who has written books about her past lives, said her beliefs "are all concerned with ancient questions. Why are we here? Where did we come from? Is there a God? It all sounds so serious that I know it needs a little comic relief, but it doesn't mean I'm crazy to want to try to find the answers."

Actor's yacht burns

A 110-foot sailboat belonging to actor Kelly McGillis and her husband was destroyed by a blaze Friday in Dania. No one was seriously hurt in the fire. McGillis and her husband, yacht broker and restaurateur Fred Tillman Jr., were planning to sell the $1.5 million schooner, the Centurion, over the weekend.

"Primal Fear' still No. 1

Richard Gere's courtroom drama Primal Fear retained the No. 1 spot for the third weekend, taking in $6.8 million. The Substitute, starring Tom Berenger, debuted at No. 2 with $6.1 million. James and the Giant Peach dropped from the second to the third spot, earning $5.4 million.

Filling out the Top 10 were The Birdcage, Fear, Mrs. Winterbourne, Celtic Pride, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Sgt. Bilko and Flirting with Disaster.

Critic's choice

Murder One (9 p.m., WFTS-Ch. 28): A two-hour edition begins to wrap up the Goldilocks Murder and, unless ABC wises up, signals the end of the year's most daring drama.