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Meet Bobby _ and Janis+ // + a 1971 Volkswagon van with camper top

(ran TP edition)

What he paid for it: $1,500.

How much spent on it: $1,000.

Engine: rebuilt 1,600 cc four-cylinder upright.

Mileage: 95,000.

Top speed: "Before the engine got rebuilt it went a mean 68." Now about 88 mph.

Performance: "You try to drive it on the Howard Frankland when there's any sort of wind, you might as well give up. You gotta just cruise at 45 and deal with it."

Damage, decay: Rear defroster, rear dome light and speedometer don't work.

How to keep cool without air conditioning?: "You don't. You die. You sweat to death."

Gratifications: Rear seat folds into bed, mini-closet, camper top.

Base colors: Lavender, royal blue, gray green, yellow.

Patterns and designs: Suns, swirls, waterline, flowers, peace symbols, inscriptions from friends.

Machine in the ghost: "I was going to go for an 8-track, but I went for the 10-disc CD changer instead."

What's in the CD changer: Rush, Live, GRP All-Star Big Band, Hair Original Broadway Cast Recording, Blondie.

Accessory alluding to the 1971 Janis Joplin hit Me And Bobby McGee: He keeps a red bandana in the van.

Nickname: Janis. "So it's always Janis and Bobby McGee travelling."

Quotes from fan letters left on van: "Peace, love, happiness for eternity." "Best van I've ever seen in my life. Peace, man." "There's still hope. Damian R., class of '99." "Peace, love and hadichrishna. Bellbottoms D."

Bumper stickers: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Grateful Dead, yin-yangs, "I have no idea what I'm doing," World Wildlife Foundation, "Greenpeace 1992," peace symbols, Amnesty International

Dig this: "This tells people I'm just not the average Joe. I'm somebody who's different or has got really good ideas."

Far out idea: "I was thinking about getting like an '80s minivan and making that look like a '60s van."

For sale?: "Not yet."