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A leisurely summer vacation? // Not at Sandy Lane Elementary

As teachers and principals at some schools wander off to recuperate from the last frantic days of the 1995-96 school year, others race to prepare for a new influx of students.

Such was the case last week at Sandy Lane Elementary in Clearwater, one of several sites designated for summer school programs, which begin Monday.

"You don't finish doing all you want to do with the regular school year," said David Morrow, principal of Sandy Lane Elementary. "You have to plan what you need to do for summer school.

"All the new teachers have to be assigned to a class and given new materials. And you have to go over the school rules and give them a handbook. All classes have to be put together."

Most of the teachers in the summer school program come from other schools, Morrow said. They reported to Sandy Lane last Monday to check in with Morrow, arrange classroom furniture and put up posters and displays to correspond with their lesson plans.

"This year (at Sandy Lane) we have 16 special education classes and 13 regular classes. This is the first year that we've ever had pre-K in our summer school, so we've had to make sure we have the right furniture for them."

There also will be a lunch and breakfast program at the school, just like during the regular school year.

Morrow and his office staff will work 10 hours a day, four days a week during the summer, he said. Teachers will work seven hours and 49 minutes each day.

The 10-hour days are long, "but when that Friday comes you let out a big breath."

And the rush at the end of the regular school year?

"You get to make up for it when summer school starts, because things run real smooth after you get the first week behind you," he said.

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