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Cardinal: Commerce has no sympathy for workers

American corporations are endangering capitalism by treating workers as commodities that can be eliminated to produce more profits for stockholders, warned Cardinal Bernard Law.

The head of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Boston also said businesses' low regard of workers is a symptom of a cultural attitude in the United States of ignoring or attacking the weakest members of society.

"We need to look at what constitutes net profit and redefine it," Law told the Boston Globe.

"Unless we find a way to show respect for the worker as a worker, then I think the whole system is going to go.

"I think we're living in a very short-term world when everybody is looking at the profit margin in terms of stockholders and failing to take the longer view," he said.

"I think that if capitalism doesn't correct itself from within, capitalism is as we know it is going to be in jeopardy." he said.