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Published Sep. 16, 2005


The following candidates drew no opposition by the qualifying deadline Friday and thus are automatically elected:

State Senate

DISTRICT 13: John Grant,


DISTRICT 21: James T. "Jim"

Hargrett Jr., Democrat

State House

DISTRICT 55: Rudolph "Rudy"

Bradley, Democrat

DISTRICT 59: Lesley "Les" Miller

Jr., Democrat

DISTRICT 60: Victor Crist,


DISTRICT 61: Carl Littlefield,


DISTRICT 67: Mark R. Ogles,


Circuit Judge

GROUP 1: Dennis Alvarez

GROUP 2: Barbara Fleischer

GROUP 4: James D. Whittemore

GROUP 5: Dan Perry

GROUP 7: Don Evans

GROUP 8: James D. Arnold

GROUP 9: Gregory P. Holder

GROUP 14: Robert "Bob" Simms

GROUP 15: Claudia Rickert Isom

GROUP 16: Bob Mitcham

GROUP 18: Chet A. Tharpe

GROUP 19: Manuel Menendez Jr.

GROUP 20: Sam Pendino

GROUP 21: J. Rogers Padgett

GROUP 22: Robert H. Bonanno

GROUP 29: Gasper J. Ficarrotta

GROUP 30: Florence Foster

GROUP 31: Diana M. Allen

Clerk of Circuit Court

Richard Ake, Democrat


Cal Henderson, Democrat

Supervisor of Elections

Pam Iorio, Democrat

Tax Collector

Melvin B. Smith, Democrat

County Judge

GROUP 4: Christine K. Vogel

GROUP 5: Walter R. Heinrich

School Board

DISTRICT 5: Doris Ross Reddick


The following candidates qualified to appear on this fall's election ballots:

State Attorney

Harry Lee Coe, Democrat

Michael Kavouklis, Republican

John Moser, Republican

Public Defender

Julianne Holt, Democrat

John D. Hooker, Republican

State Senate

DISTRICT 23: John Dicks,


Tom Lee, Republican

Mark Proctor, Republican

Betty Jo Tompkins, Republican

State House

DISTRICT 47: Mary Dunkle,


Will Craig, Republican

Rob Wallace, Republican

DISTRICT 48: Kevin Mulford,


R.Z. "Sandy" Safley,


DISTRICT 56: Liz Alpert,


Sandra L. Murman, Democrat

Bill Butler, Republican

DISTRICT 57: Ron Glickman,


Faye Culp, Republican

DISTRICT 58: Elvin L. Martinez,


Mark S. Hanisee, Republican

Doug "Mac" MacPherson, Republican

DISTRICT 62: Troy Surrency,


Johnnie B. Byrd Jr., Republican

Jim McHugh, Republican

Lloyd O'Hara, Republican

Ronda R. Storms, Republican

DISTRICT 66: Arturo Perez,


John Laurent, Republican

Circuit Judge

GROUP 10: Rex Barbas

Linda Swanick

GROUP 11: Herb Berkowitz

Ralph Stoddard

GROUP 13: Jack Espinosa Jr.

T. Michael Foster

GROUP 27: Bill Levens

Vivian C. Maye

Richard H. McInnis

Mina Morgan

GROUP 33: Katherine G. Essrig

Charles H. Scruggs III

Property Appraiser

Ron Alderman, Democrat

Fred Pachoud, Republican

Rob Turner, Republican

County Commission

DISTRICT 1: Ed Turanchik,


Lunelle Siegel, Republican

DISTRICT 3: Perry C. Harvey Jr.,


Betty Reed, Democrat

Thomas Scott, Democrat

Bennie Small Jr., Democrat

George W. Wilds, Democrat

Barbara Merritt, Republican

DISTRICT 6: Joe Kotvas, Democrat

Jan Platt, Democrat

Frank Reddick, Democrat

Jennifer Bartlett, Republican

Terry D. Morehouse, Republican

Larry Smith, Republican

Deborah Tamargo, Republican

John Thibodeau, Republican

Alex Goldman, write-in

County Judge

GROUP 3: Ann Ober

Ira Weinstein

GROUP 8: Walter Burnside

Bill Byrd

Elizabeth "Betsey" Hapner

Doug Roberts

Mark Wolfe

GROUP 13: Manuel A. Lopez


J. "Stan" Musial Jr.

School Board

DISTRICT 1: Glenn Barrington

Sherrie P. Kaw

Mike Wallace Jr.

DISTRICT 3: Wayne H. Anderson

Joseph P. Caetano

Eddy Calcines

Sharon Danaher

Anita Evans

Jerry Greene

Steve Henry

Joe Klieber

Susan L. Valdes

DISTRICT 7: Carol Kurdell

Bonnie O'Brien

Aron S. Zions

Tampa Palms

Community Development

District Supervisor

Bob Doran

Mark A. Fitzpatrick

Shawn Harrison

Bill Schneider

Mary Morton Seitz

Julie Robertson Wolfe