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That's the spirit

Atlanta puts on quite a show for the worldwide audience.

The Games get under way as performers form the Olympic rings at the Opening Ceremonies.

Security personnel at Dobbins Air Force Base keep an eye on the sky as they await the arrival of President Clinton.

An international throng descends upon the Opening Ceremonies for the Centennial Games.

Members of the Canadian delegation acknowledge the crowd as they enter Olympic Stadium.

A dancer rises high atop a pedestal as part of the opening entertainment at the Atlanta Games.

Edmond Goodman, 3, of Detroit beats the heat with a refreshing sip of water at Centennial Park.

Silhouettes display entertainers in classic Olympic poses honoring the Games' history.

Bechir Manoubi, 66, has collected more than 2,500 pins, patches, credentials and flags at 8 Olympics.