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Things to do around the house

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Clean outside grill easily. When grill is warm, wipe clean with a crumpled piece of aluminum foil.

Remove perspiration stains from clothing. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to spot and rub. Then launder as usual.

For outdoor barbecue parties, use an ice bucket as a serving dish. It keeps cold and hot foods at the right temperatures and is unbreakable.

Prevent spills on kitchen floor caused by pets tipping their food and water dishes. Place carpet tiles under the bowls to absorb spills and to prevent them from sliding. Stains can be removed by sponging.

Eliminate mildew odors. Take damp or wet items outside to air dry. Place trays of baking soda or cat litter around room to absorb smells. Spray room with a disinfectant.

Sprinkle sawdust between leafy perennials in damp, shady areas that draw slugs. To eradicate slugs, shallow saucers of beer placed around the garden will attract slugs, causing them to drown.