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Twister rips Wisconsin town

Published Sep. 16, 2005

Chain saws buzzed in the soggy summer air Friday as dazed residents salvaged what they could after a tornado cut through a canning plant, a school and dozens of homes in this rural southern Wisconsin town.

The twister that roared through the town of 1,000 Thursday night injured 19 people and caused $50-million in damages.

"The village is shattered," said Rev. Thad Rutter, whose parsonage was a pile of plaster and broken boards.

Hundreds were left homeless, 44 homes and five businesses destroyed and 130 buildings damaged.

Severe thunderstorms created tornadoes, flash floods and high winds from the Ohio Valley across to the Mid-Atlantic states on Friday.

In Illinois, 15 counties were declared disaster areas because of flooding from downpours. Residents of Chicago suburbs pumped out homes, while thousands farther south waited for swollen rivers to recede and let them return to their homes.

Powell joins convention lineup

WASHINGTON _ Colin Powell will be bumping elbows with former Presidents George Bush and Gerald Ford on what is shaping up as a crowded opening night for the Republican National Convention.

The week will be fast-paced, said Bob Dole, who promised to keep the speeches short.

Powell's addition to the lineup, which was confirmed Friday, came as convention organizers continued to try to shape a production more viewer-friendly than the party's divisive Houston convention four years ago.

Dole, who will be nominated on the third night of the Aug. 12-15 convention in San Diego and give his acceptance speech on the fourth, says his will be the longest speech _ about 25 minutes.

Dole courted Powell as a possible running mate, but Powell said that he wasn't interested, nor did he plan to campaign actively this fall for Dole.

Getting him to speak the first night was a big step forward, Dole said.

Another Unabombing

SACRAMENTO, Calif. _ A bomb allegedly linked to Unabomber defendant Theodore Kaczynski exploded near his remote Montana cabin four days after his arrest, according to prosecution documents released Friday.

No one was injured in the April 7 blast. At the time, several residents heard an explosion and reported it to local authorities, including the FBI.

The device exploded when agents were searching the area around Kaczynski's cabin for evidence. It was not clear whether the device was triggered deliberately or accidentally, or might have been on a timer.

Previously, 16 explosions have been attributed to the Unabomber. Three people were killed and 23 injured during the shadowy bomber's 18-year terror campaign against a technological society.