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GREAT BEGINNINGS: She thought of Chaos, and the original confusion, and felt as if she was a part of that tumult. Earth and sea and heaven and hell were mixed up, and everything inside of her was a whirligig. The Greek Chorus was screaming in her head, all of them wanting out.

_ Multiple Wounds by Alan Russell

(Simon and Schuster, $22)

LIFE AFTER TANG: Twenty-seven years ago Buzz Aldrin blasted out of Kennedy Space Center in a rocket on the historic Apollo 11 mission. Now Aldrin is back at the center signing copies of Encounter With Tiber, his debut work of fiction (co-written with sci-fi author John Barnes.)

The second person to set foot on the moon, Aldrin is zipping through a book tour with stops at Disney's Epcot Center and the Houston Space Center, where the book has sold out.

Aldrin the author still has high goals: He wants Encounter on the best-seller list so he can option it into a miniseries or feature film.

Author Dori Sanders has her own billboard, advertising her farm and produce/book stand.

CUKES, MELONS AND AWARD-WINNING LIT: South Carolina novelist Dori Sanders receives so much mail from fans wanting to visit her family farm in Filbert that her publishing company, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, erected a hand-painted 14-foot likeness of Sanders on a billboard on I-85. The ad invites motorists to stop by the Sanders farm for "Fine Produce and Books."

Sanders made the farm famous with her novels Clover (1990) and Her Own Place (1993). She's since penned a cookbook, Dori Sanders Country Cooking.

Publisher Elisabeth Scharlatt admits the billboard promotion is kooky, "but how many writers do you know who run a roadside produce stand and keep a small stash of books in between the peaches and the sweet potatoes _ just in case?"