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Fireworks show failed to match past displays

What happened to the Fourth of July fireworks display in downtown St. Petersburg? It lasted for less than 15 minutes. Am I the only one who was disappointed? How about the hotel-motel owners, the concessionaires, the public throng that streamed into Straub Park for the expected 30- to 45-minute extravaganza that usually takes place?

The disappointed people who spent hundreds of dollars this year may not return next year for such a meager display. If they don't register their dissatisfaction now, it will be too late next year.

Loretta Ross, St. Petersburg

Focus on the positive,

not the trashy

The article in the June 30 Neighborhood Times titled Note by note, divorce brews was truly irrelevant to the city of Treasure Island. What does a divorce between two spoiled "children" add to the value of this edition? If you wanted to address the opening and closing of a store due to family problems, that would have been enough. However, you found this dirty laundry to be worthwhile to make the front page of the Neighborhood Times.

Why don't you go down to the community center and look at the positive events happening between our children of Treasure Island and their respective coaches? Or the neighborhood crime control or the Treasure Island Islettes? There are numerous functions, activities and events that are so much more worthwhile than a foolish, childish divorce. However, your sick and distorted opinion felt it was more compelling to write about trash.

In closing, most people on the island are true individuals who say and do the right things in life. For you to focus on two exceptions and negative influences is truly mind-boggling.

In the future you should write and report on the positive and what is truly important to the island and its future. I do not see where this article relates to these ideas.

Anthony A. Perna Jr.,

Treasure Island

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