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Grandmother wants to die in electric chair

The woman who has admitted to strangling her 19-month-old granddaughter wants to fire her attorneys, plead guilty and be sent to the electric chair.

"I don't want my lawyers. I don't want their psychologists. I'm competent. I am now and I was then," Christine Sharrow said. "I'm not insane. I just want to go to death row and save everybody a lot of time and money."

Sharrow says she strangled Alexandria Witzky last month "to save her from a life of neglect and depression."

From behind a plexiglass window at the Broward County Jail, the 41-year-old Oakland Park woman talked to the Miami Herald for a story published Saturday.

"I don't want to go on living with what I did," she said.

She criticized her granddaughter's family for a number of problems, including drug abuse and child neglect. The Witzky family could not be reached, but friends speaking for the family were enraged by the suggestions, calling them the ravings of a lunatic, the paper said.

Sharrow also detailed her life of alcoholism, violence and manic depression.

"I'm even scared of myself now," she said. "If they got me mad enough in here, I don't know what I would do."

She said she had a loving relationship with Alexandria. She remembered their last hug, how she fed the little girl Froot Loops before scooping her up and strangling her with a bathrobe sash.

"I don't remember feeling anything," the grandmother said. "My heart was stone."

Sharrow has been in and out of jail and alcohol rehabilitation centers for most of her life, leaving a long trail of police reports, suicide attempts and violent relationships.

On Aug. 19 she was released from a three-year prison term she served for stabbing a boyfriend to death during a drunken brawl.