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New building is icing for Donut Connection

(ran West edition)

Not all of the aesthetic improvements in the city's redevelopment district can be attributed to the Pinellas Park Community Redevelopment Agency.

Larry Hill on his own rebuilt a building on the southwest corner of Park Boulevard and 49th Street. He also refurbished the Hill office building next door.

They are some of the most conspicuous changes that have taken place in the city's economic redevelopment district.

People familiar with the intersection would know that Donut Connection is in the corner building, which opened a year ago, said Mike Salway, who owns the business.

A road construction project prompted the changes. The original corner building was torn down to make room for a wider intersection.

The state Department of Transportation paid for the new building to be erected farther back on the property, said Peter Aluotto, the city's director of redevelopment.

Salway said his business lucked out because the new building is much nicer with its diamond designs and small tower.

His regular customers like the building, too.

"The ones who come down from up north said, "What a difference,' " Salway said.

The city also is pleased.

"We're very happy with what they did because they were under no obligation and they did a very nice job," Aluotto said.