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Program helps county, retarded people

Editor: The Hernando County commissioners should keep funding the Hernando Association of Retarded Citizens recycling program at the landfill.

Many private businesses and industries in Hernando are employing the retarded citizens, and the county should do its fair share by keeping these citizens employed.

The landfill recycling program, which has been in existence for many years, is successfully operated by HARC clients who are very industrious and productive on the job.

This recycling program gives these clients a purpose in life, as well as contributing to the welfare of the county. Many residents recycle knowing full well they are providing jobs for the retarded.

If the commissioners do not feel the recycling program is a priority funding item in the budget, they should reconsider their viewpoint and continue the funding and not let prisoners take away jobs from honest, loyal citizens who want to work.

Mary Harrington

Spring Hill

Here's hoping that deaths

send message to Stabins

Editor: What a tragedy we recently witnessed. The lives of two teenage girls taken, life-threatening injuries and untold pain and grief to their parents, and the ruination of a young man's life. All because of alcohol and cars being mixed.

Jeffrey Dean Jackson had been charged with DUI previously but continued to drink and drive. He is quoted in the papers as saying he will appeal because he believes the potential punishment is too harsh. What about the sentence that his actions have caused Joseph and Vicki Laricha? They face a lifetime of paint and grief.

Nowhere in the news articles is it mentioned that Jeffrey Jackson sought help for his drinking problem. He continued to drink and drive even after the earlier DUI charge.

But for great good luck, state Rep. Jeff Stabins might have been the Jeff who has just been tried and convicted of two DUI/manslaughter and other related charges. Stabins also has a previous DUI incident, but apparently has continued to drink and drive.

Even after experiencing the good fortune of not having caused a fatal accident the night he was arrested for DUI, Stabins has shown little remorse. Instead, he has tried to blame his problem on mixing medicine with wine and ended up copping a plea. The least he can do is admit his problem and join a self-help group such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Let's hope he does so that he can avoid driving under the influence in the future, and the possibility of causing a great tragedy such as the one we have just seen unfold.

Gil Williams

Spring Hill

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