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Runner near torch had to cool heels

Marathon runner Victor Miranda spent 13 days in jail after he ran afoul of the Olympic torch run in South Florida.

Miranda, 36, the three-time winner of the Metro-Dade Marathon, decided to run along on July 4 _ as an escort, sort of.

Off he ran, not too close to the torch, among cyclists and in-line skaters. After all, the torch, on its way to Atlanta, was being carried by a bunch of dignitaries who weren't very good runners, and Miranda runs 12 to 15 miles a day.

"I was enjoying the run, thinking that I could probably run all the way to West Palm Beach," he said. "I don't feel tired when I run."

After a few blocks, though, Miami police Officer Raul Iglesias intervened.

"There is a big chance for terrorism or for any crazy person do something," Iglesias said.

The officer put out his arm to stop Miranda, and the native of Panama who once placed 50th in the Boston Marathon tried to avoid the long arm of the law.

"He pushed my hand as I grabbed him," Iglesias said.

Miranda was arrested and charged with battery on a police officer, resisting arrest with violence _ both felonies _ and failure to obey a police officer.

The runner couldn't make the $10,500 bail. He ended up staying in jail for nearly two weeks until his release Wednesday.