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I would like to know why there will be virtually no soccer coverage on TV. All I can find on the schedule is the men's final and no women's. Soccer is popular in the United States for both viewers and spectators _ that was proved during the World Cup. NBC is really missing out.

Anne Writer, Seminole

I am just furious to see that NBC has no plans to cover softball, which the Americans expect to win. That's one that I was anxious to watch.

Phyllis Hopka, Clearwater


Were the Olympics ever canceled because of bad weather or any other reason?

Madeleine Grello, Tampa


The 1916, 1940 and 1944 Summer Games were canceled because of World War I and II. In 1972, after 11 Israeli athletes were killed by an Arab terrorist group, competition was suspended the next morning for a memorial service but resumed with the approval of the Israelis.

Q: Why did U.S. men's gymnastics coach Peter Kormann choose to exclude Chainey Umphrey from the all-around competition?

Kathy Burgess, Clearwater

A: Kormann said his priority is the team competition, where every 10th of a point matters. When the lineup announcements were made for Saturday's team compulsory competition, Umphrey was not included in two of the six events (vault and horizontal bar). As a result he is ineligible for the all-around final. It was disappointing, but Umphrey said he is "willing to sacrifice my Olympic dream for the good of the team."

Q: I'd like to know if it's appropriate to fly the American flag during the Olympics?

Shirley McCracken, Port Richey

A: Of course. "I'm all for it," said Arthur Borrusch, commander of American Legion Post 14 in St. Petersburg. He advises that if you also wish to fly an Olympic flag, fly it below the U.S. flag.

Q: Can I have the address for Billy Payne, the man who brought the Olympics to Atlanta?

Fred Wright, St. Petersburg

A: Write to him at 250 Williams St., Atlanta, GA 30301-1996.