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Your guide to non-Olympic activities

Had it up to here with the Olympics? Don't want to spend 17 days in rah-rah land? Floridian wants to help you escape. Starting today, watch for tips on how to have fun without Bob Costas:

+ Listen to a sonorous Spanish recital by classical guitarist Adam Holzman at 2 p.m. today at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. Holzman, a Texas music professor, studied at the University of South Florida. Tickets are $8. Call 896-2667.

+ Take an oath to drink only Pepsi-Cola during the Coca-Cola saturated Games. Go to McDonald's and order a Big Mac, fries and a Pepsi. Whine when they say they only have Coke. Tell them you're going to Taco Bell. Call your neighborhood bookstore, and reserve The Pepsi Challenge: 100 Years of Pepsi, due out this fall from Alexander Books.

+ Jeannie, as in I Dream Of (a.k.a. Barbara Eden), returns Tuesday to Florida, where she was a mischievous genie discovered on the beach by NASA astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) 30 years ago. She will sign autographs at the Kennedy Space Center beginning at 11:30 at The Space Shop. Or, if you'd rather relive the past, navel and all, catch the 30-year-old sitcom at 8:30 tonight on Nick at Nite.