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A leisurely look at stock choices

Camping, bicycling, boating and motorcycling have never been more popular. Some analysts expect related firms to benefit. Here are some top picks in this sector:

BRUNSWICK Headquarters: Lake Forest, Ill.

Ticker: NYSE (Symbol: BC)

52-week range: $17.25-$24.87{

Friday's close: $19.25

CANNONDALE Headquarters: Georgetown, Conn.

Ticker: NYSE (Symbol: BIKE)

52-week range: $13.50-$25.75

Friday's close: $22.75

CARNIVAL Headquarters: Miami

Ticker: NYSE (Symbol: CCL)

52-week range: $20.37{-$31.50

Friday's close: $28

COLEMAN Headquarters: Golden, Colo.

Ticker: NYSE (Symbol: CLN)

52-week range: $16.83-$26

Friday's close: $20.12{

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wis.

Ticker: NYSE (Symbol: HDI)

52-week range: $24-$49.50

Friday's close: $42.25

"New management at Brunswick is optimistic about the company's long-term prospects, citing favorable demographics in the United States, expansion opportunities abroad and its solid finances. In addition, the firm is less dependent on boating now versus the late-1980s, thanks in part to greater contributions from its bowling and fishing operations. With its plant consolidation program behind it, a strong new product flow, lower raw materials costs and a more profitable business mix, Brunswick's earnings are likely to expand at a low double-digit rate over the next several years.

"Cannondale has grown rapidly in recent years, mainly on the strength of its technologically advanced racing and mountain bikes, penetration of offshore markets and an expanding dealership network. And the firm is set to introduce models based on even more advanced technologies in September. This, combined with a growing population of aging baby boomers with the wherewithal and desire to stay physically fit, should produce sales and earnings gains of around 20 to 25 percent over the next several years.

"Carnival operates 20 luxury cruise liners; six more vessels are on order. Overall capacity will be increased by about 50 percent; that and improving yields drive its top and bottom lines. The new ships will not only carry more passengers, but they're also more efficient. Meanwhile, the firm recently acquired a 30 percent stake in AirTours PLC, which operates a tour business in Europe and Canada and owns two cruise ships.

"Coleman has been hurt by sluggish, weather-related sales of camping goods. But officials expect much of the shortfall to be made up in the second half.

"Harley-Davidson is rapidly ramping up production to keep pace with burgeoning demand for its heavyweight motorcycles. Management will spend $500-million through 1998 to expand facilities and build a new Kansas City plant. As expanding production drives earnings higher, Harley should continue delivering per share growth of 15 to 18 percent a year through the end of the decade. And a split and dividend increase may be declared when directors meet in mid-August. The shares never look inexpensive, but the company's long-term prospects are quite promising. Buy for capital appreciation."

United & Babson

Investment Report

Wellesley Hill, Mass.

SPEEDWAY MOTORSPORTS Headquarters: Concord, N.C.

Ticker: NYSE (Symbol: TRK)

52-week range: $11.81\-$31

Friday's close: $25.62{

"Speedway Motorsports owns and operates race car tracks in several cities, including Charlotte, N.C., and is a major promoter of motorsports events, a rapidly growing spectator sport. We believe there is still substantial upside as traders recognize the growth potential of the motorsports business. Our short-term target for this stock is 35. Our 12-month target for these shares is the 40-plus area."


Peroni Report


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