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Builders association doesn't really care about Hernando

Editor: At the July 2 impact fees hearing, the Hernando Builders Association stated that an increase in impact fees will result in loss of jobs. I disagree.

During the last eight years, the price of an average home has increased by more than $5,000. This increase, with the exception of about $900, was not due to impact fees. Rather, it was entirely builders' decisions. Did the builders worry about loss of jobs when they increased the price of a new home?

Also, the majority of subcontractors hired by the builders are from Pasco County. Are the builders trying to save jobs for Pasco County residents?

If the Hernando Builders Association is so concerned about the welfare of Hernando County residents, how come they have a Tampa lawyer speaking for them? What's wrong with a Hernando County lawyer?

No one from the Hernando County school district, which needs new schools and stands to gain a lot from the task force recommendation, spoke at the hearing. School Board members should be ashamed of themselves for not attending the hearing and speaking up on this matter.

If it takes a $10,000 investment for each new student entering the school system, from what source does the district intend to get this money for infrastructure? Shame on all of you.

Anthony R. Palmieri

Spring Hill

Thanks to those who

helped ailing husband

Editor: I wish to express our sincere thanks to all our Spring Hill friends and the health care providers who helped my husband, John.

He has had a rough time since February: a heart attack, a broken leg, triple bypass heart surgery, heart valve repair and congestive heart failure were some of the problems.

Special thanks go to Spring Hill Regional, Brooksville Regional, Bayonet Point and Oak Hill hospital personnel for their care and dedication.

The concern and talents of the special doctors contributed to the health of John. Dr. Rayan, Dr. Fields, Dr. Brooks and, most of all, the miracle hands of Dr. Vijay of Bayonet Point.

The excellent healing from Olsten Nurses, therapists and health aides not only helped John, but were my salvation as well.

Adeline Grieco

Spring Hill

Breast-feeding doesn't

belong in public places

Editor: Regarding the letter to the editor from Debi Orendorf, Breast-feeding a child is natural, normal:

Just because some action is natural and normal does not mean it should be done in public.

I'm sure all of us could list other normal and natural actions that would get us arrested if they were performed in public.

Some people just like to be in your face with things whether the majority approves or not.

Arthur McIntyre

Spring Hill

Support is helping woman

overcome loss of raccoon

Editor: I would like to thank everyone who has showed concern about my baby Meeko, a raccoon, and I.

This has been a real hard time for me because I really miss Meeko a lot. I loved Meeko like he was a real son to me because I can't have any more children. He was filling an empty place in my heart and now that he is gone, I have that emptiness there again. And I know there are women out there who understand what I am saying.

Meeko has touched everyone's heart, but he will always be in mine. I still go to bed at night and cry because I miss Meeko so very much.

A special thank you to the lady who came to my house on July 2 and gave me a little musical raccoon, which I took to a sign company and the gentleman put Meeko's name on it. Also, thanks to William Hughes for his supportive letter to the editor.

Helen Garner


Shady Hills Road danger

deserves more attention

Editor: Why is it that we do not read anything about the terrible automobile accidents, two of which I have recently witnessed, on Shady Hills Road?

The most recent one, on July 9 between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m., drew two helicopters, two rescue trucks, several police cars and state troopers. It held up traffic for one hour.

There were two school buses going south. I imagine the parents must have been worried if there were any children on them.

Something must be done on that road before we all get killed. Curves should be wider and safer. The media should have more coverage.

Please bring this to someone's attention, for the safety of all.

John Picard


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