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"Danger Dolphins' offers a lesson about teamwork

Who: Bess Scuteri was a fourth-grader last year in Pat Peterson's class at Curlew Creek Elementary in Palm Harbor.

What: Danger Dolphins and Ginger Beer by John Vigor, published by MacMillan Publishing Co., $14.95 (hardback).

The plot: Sally, Peter and Andy Grant are enjoying a taste of independence on Crab Island in the Caribbean while their father is away at a medical conference in New York. The hotel manager will keep an eye on them, but they are camping on their own at the edge of the lagoon, fishing and sailing. They enjoy living in their tents, riding their boat into the wind and naming all the different places on the island, like Looking Glass Hill and Fish River.

Just when they start to enjoy the camp, two twins, Jan and Jon, tell the Grants to move out of what they consider their camp, starting a camp feud. Then the Grants find a wounded dolphin in the lagoon. Sally and her brothers rescue the dolphin, but will it live? Jan and Jon and the Grants come together for the dolphins when they find a mystery about two adults and their boat fender and the secret inside it.

Bess' rating: This is one of the best books I've ever read! Danger Dolphins and Ginger Beer is a book full of suspense, adventure and mystery. Sally learns that to get people to like her, she must first trust them. This book shows that everybody can team up in the end.

An excellent trip

to dinosaur land

Who: Nathan Stonecipher; a ninth-grader this fall at St. Petersburg High School.

What: The Lost World by Michael Crichton; Random House Publishers; $24.95, hardcover (soon to be available in paperback).

The plot: Most of The Lost World is exciting and suspenseful. Take, for example, this passage:

"He was chest deep in grass and running hard, gasping for breath, when suddenly another lizard head rose up in front of him, hissing and snarling. He dodged, changed direction, but suddenly the nearest lizard leapt in the air. It jumped so high its body cleared the grass; he could see the entire animal flying through the air, its two hind legs raised to pounce. He glimpsed curved, daggerlike claws."

It all starts when Robert Levine has an idea in his head about there being a land somewhere in the world where dinosaurs still live. After finding large lizards that have washed up on the shores of Costa Rica, he is prompted to start looking for such a place. With the help of a mathematician named Ian Malcolm, two kids named Arby and Kelly, a Dr. Thorne and a Dr. Harding, they find an uncharted island off the coast of Costa Rica that is flourishing with dinosaurs. They are puzzled when they come across what looks like an old factory on the island, and later find out it is where they originally made the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park six years ago.

A man named Dodgson later comes to the island, and starts chaos by stealing dinosaur eggs. The dinosaurs become agitated and go after all humans on the island. Will everyone escape okay?

Nathan's rating: I give this book five out of five dinosaur eggs! I thought it was excellent and it was full of adventure on every page.

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