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"Let the games begin'

Chapter 6

As the chupacabras did their shuffling dance around the eggs, Abby and her father were mesmerized by the hideous sight. The two waited for a few minutes and the chupacabras left, but as they were about to get up, a bigger chupacabras dropped in.

It was even uglier than the others. It had a football-shaped head, holes on each side of its mouth, and green skin. He picked up one of the gray eggs and said, "Oh, my precious little egg. Daddy loves the baby, yes, he does."

Abby was astounded. "He can talk," she said by mistake (she really wanted to say that in her head). The chupacabras turned its head very quickly and said, "Who said that? Show yourself so I can tear you to shreds. For I am Mooby, the flying chupacabras." And he stretched out his humongous wings.

"Wow!" Abby said in a whispering voice. For she had never seen a beast like this, not even in movies. Scared and stunned by what he saw and heard, her father grabbed an egg and made a run for it out of the shed. Abby waited to see if Mooby would follow but he didn't, so Abby followed her father.

Mooby saw Abby because she was very slow.

Angry (because he had been fooled and one of his eggs was missing), Mooby ran after the two. He was a slow runner, so he began to use his big, powerful wings to fly. Abby's father was beginning to tire, and she gradually caught up with him.

"The only way we're going to survive," Abby's father said, "is to leave Busch Gardens."

"Let's go to University Mall. He'll never find us there," Abby said.

So they changed directions and hoped they had lost the gruesome monster with giant wings. They ran through the barred gates into the parking lot. They very quickly jumped into the black Dodge Viper, put on their seat belts and drove to the mall.

When they got to University Mall, they ran to the doors and pounded on the glass to wake Officer Bullface who, as always, was sleeping on duty. Officer Bullface has the night shift at the mall and knew John from when he was on the "Stealing Frenzy" case at the mall.

Officer Bullface opened the door and let them in, saying, "Hello, John. Nice to see you again. What brings you here?"

"A big, ugly flying chupacabras named Mooby," Abby's father said. He told the officer the story and showed him the egg while Abby looked around. All the wonderful stores were covered by bars, and that made her feel like she was in prison.

Then she saw the spikes of a chupacabras turning the corner. She told Officer Bullface, who quietly went to the corner of the mall to investigate. He started to run when he turned the corner. Abby and her father could not see him anymore, but by the time they got to the corner, they could see Officer Bullface's body.

Abby's father went closer. He heaved a sigh of joy, for his good friend was not dead, just unconscious.

But in the distance, they heard glass breaking and something said, "Let the games begin."

Abby had a good guess that it was Mooby.

"Where is my egg?" Mooby screamed in rage.

Abby started to run and her father followed. As they ran, Abby spotted two of the ...

Chupacabras update

Night of the Chupacabras is a summer series by young authors. Each author wrote his or her chapter using the chapter or chapters written before them. Anything can happen!

Although Tampa Bay locations are used, the story is fictional. Any resemblance to real humans or chupacabras is purely coincidental.

Last week _ Having fled the glowing eyes, Abby and her father seek refuge in a tool shed only to find a clutch of spiky, gray chupacabras eggs! Hearing strange noises, the two hide behind a tool chest and observe as eight large chupacabras return to the "nursery."

Next week _ Abby and her father pay a visit to Capt. Trillhorn and Sgt. Laborda at the police department where they receive some mysterious files.

About the author: Kenny Simmons Jr.

Age: 12

School: Starting seventh grade at Bay Point Middle School, St. Petersburg

Siblings and pets: A brother Ohmar, 6

Hobbies: basketball, swimming and playing Super Nintendo

Favorite author: R.L. Stine

Ambition: To study animals in their natural habitat

Previous writing experience: Fourth grade writing program