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" Whatever happened to the drug war? Did we win it? Did it go away and I missed it?

_ Hillsborough County Commissioner and congressional candidate Phyllis Busansky, puzzling over the public's apparent de-emphasis of America's drug problem.

"I feel like Haile Selassie going back to Abyssinia after the Italians left. I am going home."

_ Fortune Bosco, a regular customer at a Tampa Krispy Kreme doughnut shot before it was destroyed by fire in March, on last week's groundbreaking for a new store.

"We're not the Village Voice."

_ Tampa Tribune editor Robert Bowden, after the newspaper was inundated by calls about a column lampooning the attention surrounding Hillary Clinton's association with a self-help guru. Readers complained they didn't understand the piece, first published in the Village Voice.

"Wells Fargo has to deliver it to you it's so expensive."

_ Auto air conditioner repair shop owner Jim Godfrey, on refrigerant for older cars, which has doubled in price since its manufacture was outlawed for environmental reasons.

"There's more here than meets the eye."

_ Tampa pension board member Eric Jasielonis, on the motivation for a move by other board members to get rid of a consultant who criticized investments benefitting firms of stockbrokers who also happen to sit on the pension board.

"There are some things I must tell you. I've done drugs, drank alcohol heavily, been involved in crimes such as date rape and robbery."

_ Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Lamar Thomas, in a rambling suicide note to his grandmother released in the wake of his arrest on charges of battering his fiance. Last week, the Bucs released Thomas.

"When I address the Rotary Club, the Kiwanis are the enemy. Wade into them. Of if I do Anheuser-Busch, Coors and Miller are the enemy. Spill their beer."

_ Bill Whorton, on his routines impersonating Gen. George S. Patton in front of business and civic groups.