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Recollecting name can be a clothes call

NO DRESS CODE: Water aerobics instructor Lila Posey likes to get to know her students. During a recent class at the Whispering Pines Park pool, she asked one student _ who was clad, of course, in a bathing suit _ where she worked.

Upon hearing the answer, Posey exclaimed, "I thought you looked familiar. You tried to help me with that delivery problem. I didn't recognize you with your clothes off!"

CIRCLE THIS: First crop circles in England, then, more recently, in Ohio. Motorists on State Road 44 might be wondering if these mysterious rings have found their way to Citrus County.

Oddly shaped polygons have appeared in the asphalt of the road directly in front of the school administrative offices at Main Street and Montgomery Avenue.

They appear to be black outlines cut into the street and anchored by a line to the curb.

Crop circles or . . . ?

_ Compiled by Times staff writer Mary Ann Koslasky.

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