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Shell shocked

Dan "the Peanut Man" Kudroff was trying to throw a bag of peanuts across several sections during a June 18 game between the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox at Jacobs Field.

The bag missed the customer and instead smacked an unsuspecting woman in the face, dislodging a contact lens and overturning her nachos.

Kudroff blamed his bad pitch on the wind, but a concessionaire company is firmly enforcing a no-throwing rule.

Sticky situation

Washington State linebacker James Darling has pleaded guilty to third-degree malicious mischief, damaging a $5,985 gum-ball machine in Oroville, Wash.

Darling said he wanted to put the 5-foot-high machine on the car of a person who had put crickets in his hotel room.

Obviously, his plan for payback got gummed up.

Capitalism reigns

One of the Russian swimmers showed up for the Olympic team picture with the Reebok logo shaved into his head.

Steady regression

Pete Doerr started the back nine at the Coldwater (Mich.) Country Club with a hole in one, two birdies and two pars, making his scorecard read 1-2-3-4-5.