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U.S. boxers unbeaten

With Smokin' Joe Frazier watching his every move, Terrance Cauthen did some smokin' of his own Sunday in a lightweight match.

Cauthen, a left-handed boxer-counterpuncher, attacked late in the first round with a flurry that earned him three points and an 8-2 lead over Mahamatkodir Abdullaev of Uzbekistan. In the final moments of the 132-pound bout, he unleashed another barrage that brought the Alexander Memorial Coliseum crowd to its feet and capped an 18-6 victory.

After the match, the 20-year-old Cauthen, who trains at Frazier's North Philadelphia Gym under the guidance of Sam Hickman, embraced the 1964 Olympic gold medalist and former heavyweight champ.

"It was exciting to see him win," Frazier said. "I think he'll go all the way."

Also winning on the day program was 23-year-old Albert Guardado, a 106-pounder, who skipped tryouts for the 1992 Olympic team to go to his high school prom.

For a minute, it looked as if Guardado of Topeka, Kan., would blow his 11-9 victory over Healer Modiradio of Botswana. Guardado was ahead 11-5 with a minute remaining when Modiradio scored with three left hooks and a right hand to make it close.

The start of Guardado's bout was delayed when an official ofAIBA, the international amateur boxing association, said Guardado's headguard was not AIBA approved and he had to get another one.

"They should check the head- guards when the boxers get gloved," said Al Mitchell, coach of the U.S. team. "They shouldn't do it right before the bout."

At this competition, the boxers are donning headgear after they get into the ring.

No Americans boxed Sunday night. The U.S. team is 4-0.

Cuba was 3-0 going into the evening program.