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Commissioners ignored need for sewer system

Once again, the only real beach attraction we have in Pasco County has been closed because of health problems, and the locals as well as the tourists are the victims. In this day of technology, it's difficult for me to understand why our county commissioners would allow a deplorable situation like this to exist.

Any aggressive and understanding political leader, _ which isn't the way to describe the commissioner from this district, Hap Clark _ would have jumped on this opportunity to help his constituents. He would have gathered together his colleagues and demanded that they find a way to have the contaminated water coming from all the households without sewers to be routed to the new waste water facility in north Hudson, rather than going to the canals and the gulf.

Even the state representatives, who are cognizant of the health problems we are having, pleaded with our commissioners to find a way for Hudson Utilities to file liens against the people who would not hook up to available sewers so they could get the funding necessary to build the sewer system.

Al L. Meyer, Hudson

Site needs more handicapped parking

One would not think that Pasco County's commissioners would be uncaring toward the elderly and the handicapped, but they are.

My wife and I, in our mid-80s, participate in the Elderly Nutrition Program at the Elfers site. One must be 60 to participate, and there are many of us in the 80s. Two are more than 90 years old. Many like myself are handicapped. Six couples have one member with Alzheimer's disease.

The county commissioners refuse to allow our sites to have more than two handicapped parking spaces. I think that is ridiculous and uncaring.

Philip S. Van Hook, Holiday

Commissioners should help sheriff

Pretend you're a victim of a crime. You call for help.

No matter what the crime _ vandalism, stolen auto, abuse, rape, assault, etc. _ the response time is 10, 15, 20 minutes. You are upset. You ask why did it take so long to respond? The deputy replies the Sheriff's Office is understaffed.

Is the sheriff responsible? No!

Who is responsible?

The Pasco County Commissioners.

The sheriff, Democrat or Republican, should have the support of the county commissioners.

Dave Melden, Hudson

Olympics position newsworthy

I have been deluged with inquiries as to why the Times chose not to find my selection and appointment to serve with the Security Team Program at the Olympics newsworthy. This is a question I can't answer, particularly because the St. Petersburg Times is the paper of choice and enjoys the largest circulation in west Pasco. When I return home in about three weeks, news items regarding the Olympics will be old and stale. Your newspaper far outshines any local competition, and neither I nor my wife would find another daily as informative or enjoyable as we find the Times.

I am at a complete loss for a reason or explanation to give to friends, neighbors and relatives regarding their questions and inquiries.

John O. Neder Jr., New Port Richey

PTSA, foundation need volunteers

As the River Ridge Parent Teacher Student Association plans for our 1996-1997 school year, we would like to thank all those who have already contributed to our students at River Ridge Middle and High schools.You are appreciated, needed and wanted. In these rough educational and social times, you are an invaluable asset! Because there are so many of you to thank, we would miss too many if we listed individuals. Please know we include each and every one of you who chose to make a difference.

As the volume of computer-related donation and service needs grew, Ed Poulson, who formed and is president of the Foundation for Computer Education, entered the picture. Mr. Poulson and his fabulous volunteers repaired and donated computers and peripherals to River Ridge, Hudson High School, Gulfside Elementary, the New Port Richey Marine Institute, the Juvenile Detention Center, the Life Skills for the Mentally Retarded and the Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department for the youth programs.

You may donate software, computers, computer parts, peripherals and/or money to this non-profit foundation committed to upgrading technology and improving and adding to the computers available for educational use. The Foundation for Computer Education can be reached at 838-4306. You can write the Foundation at 10030 State Road 52, Hudson, FL, 34669. Currently, volunteers are working at the Foundation repair center on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Our community can only strengthen itself by making the commitment to education and our youth. We urge you to become part of our resource base and become active in at least one PTA or PTSA. We believe it does take a whole county to raise a child!

You can choose to make a difference by lending your time, your talents and skills, your knowledge and your ability to let even one child know he or she has a friend who cares about him or her as a student and as a person with feelings and ideas worth listening to. You can also simply be a friend.

When you register as a PTA or PTSA volunteer, you will be asked to complete some background forms and undergo a Sheriff's Office check. Why? Because we love and want to protect all our children from those who might do them harm. The extra time you invest in registering as a school volunteer shows you also want to be sure our kids are protected.

If you are not sure what you have to offer, please call your local PTSA or volunteer office. We need people all year, but especially now, to do many things, including performing clerical work, planning school and family programs, serving on our board and committees, working with teachers, staff and students, making phone calls, talking with or reading to children, serving as mentors (teaching your skills), being active community partners, being on-call chaperones and resources, helping raise funds and resources to meet needs and recognizing students for accomplishments.

Our PTSA board will be meeting soon to organize for registration and this rapidly approaching school year. We invite you to join us, to become part of our team. Please call us at 836-7286 if you choose to make an educational differences.

Darlene S. Wolfe, Ph.D.

PTSA Vice President, New Port Richey

Exchange students need host families

I am a program coordinator for a foreign exchange student program. Currently, we are in dire need of host families in the Port Richey-New Port Richey area who would consider hosting a student in their home for three weeks, Aug. 1-22. The ages range from 14-18, and all the students speak English fairly well. The students will be attending classes and excursions Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., sometimes later, for such places as Disney and other major events.

Transportation can be arranged as needed for working families.

In the spirit of the Olympics, would you consider opening your hearts and homes to a student? The experience can be mutually rewarding.

Richard Brennan, New Port Richey

Barbara Ravenscroft, New Port Richey

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