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Keep recycling duties with HARC, not inmates

Editor: Re: The July 16 article about Hernando County's proposed budget:

I think it is a shame that the county is thinking of taking the disabled out of recycling and giving the job to prisoners.

The Hernando Association for Retarded Citizens did recycling before the county came in, and now the county wants to take it completely away and let prisoners do it.

Do they honestly think it will be cheaper? I do not think so. And when the prisoners did the recycling during Christmas break, how much material was rejected?

I guess in this you have more privileges as a prisoner than as a disabled person.

November is not far off. I pray to God that none of you ever has a retarded person close to you. You do not know how to treat them except to take things away from them.

Evelyn R. Zahorchak

Spring Hill

Who'll replace mailbox

when drivers hit it?

Editor: Recently I received a notice of violation from the county stating I must remove my concrete-and-stone mailbox from the county right of way. This is really funny, since this mailbox has been standing in the very same place for more than four years.

The two I put up before lasted about two weeks each and were destroyed. I live on a corner, but the speed limit is 30 mph. Ha!

The person I talked to at the county said, and I quote, "A person could be seriously injured if they hit (the concrete mailbox)." Excuse me, but because some person is driving drunk, or speeding, or loses control of his car, I should remove my mailbox?

Of course, it would be okay if they hit my new one and did not get hurt. Would they replace it? I think not.

Who are the laws made for? I wonder. Since the box sits on county property, as all the others do, why is it that they don't maintain it? What has happened to our rights is a very good question.

Both my neighbors have these mailboxes. I will be watching to see if they receive this notice, too. There's got to be some changes in this county if this is all they can sit around and think up. Wait until election time. Sparks will fly, believe me.

June K. Morris

Weeki Wachee

Garden club members

do Spring Hill proud

Editor: As they said on the old Dragnet television program, "just the facts." So, let's get the facts straight about the Spring Hill Garden Club.

When my husband and I came to Spring Hill, our decision was to buy our home by the beautiful waterfall on Spring Hill Drive. We thought a community that took care of the entrance was indeed a community to be proud of.

Little did I know and soon found out that it was the Spring Hill Garden Club that was behind this lovely landmark _ no one else. So, I joined the club to help in any way I could.

The dedicated members weed and plant in all kinds of weather to keep the waterfall and Northcliffe entrances a delight to see. These are all volunteers who do this. We pay for the fertilizers, the flowers and the chemicals for the waterfall with money raised from our plant sales (which we grow).

Some organizations truly appreciate the back-breaking weeding and planting that is done in the sweltering heat and donate a few dollars to the club.

At Christmas, it is the garden club that makes the entrance so gorgeous with the memorial poinsettias. It is the garden club volunteers who rushed to save the plants from the freezing weather. How many other residents of Spring Hill come out to give an hour to keep our town beautiful?

As the hostess of our garden club, may I issue an invitation for anyone interested to come visit us Friday at the community club house on Kenlake at 1 p.m. and meet for themselves the hard-working volunteers. Perhaps they will become members of our club.

If all the residents of our town are so concerned, why not tell our county to do the mowing and trimming, which, in truth, is their job and a service for which we pay taxes?

Adeline Grieco

Spring Hill

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