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Teenagers caught with bomb notes

Three teenagers clutching lists of bomb ingredients they downloaded from the Internet were arrested after breaking into a high school chemistry lab.

A state trooper responding to an alarm at Penncrest High School late Saturday said he surprised the teens as they went through the lab, consulting their handwritten lists of 20 ingredients.

On the floor nearby he found a jar filled with nitric acid.

The teens were arrested and released in their parents' custody. They face charges of burglary, criminal mischief and possession of instruments of crime.

Mobster's mom mugged

NEW YORK _ A man arrested after a mugging was stunned when police told him who the victim was: the mother of reputed mob boss Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, the suspected boss of the Genovese crime family.

The incident took place Sunday as Yolanda Gigante, 94, was walking through Greenwich Village on the arm of another son.

Police said the pair were approached from behind by a man who snatched a wallet from Mrs. Gigante's housecoat.

The suspect was caught a few blocks away.

Police Lt. Robert McKenna said he told Willie King, 37: "You just robbed the mother of the biggest mob chieftains in New York. When (King) heard that, he just slumped down into the back seat of the radio car."

Packwood case dropped

PORTLAND, Ore. _ Former Sen. Bob Packwood will not be prosecuted over allegations he altered his diaries to obstruct an investigation into sexual misconduct, his lawyers said Monday.

Packwood was notified by the Justice Department in a one-sentence letter sent to the office of his Washington lawyers.

Packwood resigned last September after the Ethics Committee urged his expulsion.