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Published Sep. 16, 2005

SWIMMING: With any luck, Scott Tucker of Largo will get his moment in the spotlight this morning during the 400-meter freestyle relay preliminaries (coverage starts at 10 a.m.). Tucker, who grabbed the sixth spot on the relay team at the trials, may not be selected to swim the final, but there is a good chance TV cameras will show his 100-meter split during the morning session.

Sarasota native Tripp Schwenk is a gold-medal contender in tonight's 200-meter backstroke and his first name is appropriate when you consider how far he has journeyed since placing fifth in Barcelona four years ago.

Schwenk moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1993 and went on a pizza-beer sojourn. His trip back to international swimming began when he started training at the National Training Center in Colorado Springs. It could conclude on the medal stand tonight.

Tom Dolan, who won gold Sunday in the 400 IM, is another lure for viewers tonight. The University of Michigan swimmer, who suffers from exercise-induced asthma, goes for medal No. 2 in the 400 freestyle.

Angel Martino, who gave her bronze from the 100 freestyle to friend and cancer patient Trisha Henry, swims the 100 butterfly tonight.

EQUESTRIAN: The husband-wife team of Karen and David O'Connor lead U.S. efforts in the three-day event, which concludes today and will be televised tonight during prime time. Karen will ride Biko, David will ride Giltedge.

WRESTLING: Professional wrestling and Olympic wrestling have little in common, but that may change if Russian super-heavyweight (286 pounds) Aleksandr Karelin is enticed into wrestling entertainment. Karelin is a favorite to win gold today and a victory on U.S. soil could lead to a lucrative offer from a wrestling federation. Karelin, bald and muscular, would make a great villain. He has a trademark reverse body lift, where he clasps his hands around his prone opponent and throws him over his head. Only Matt Ghaffari of the United States has taken Karelin into overtime, and the two could meet in the final, which will be part of the late broadcast.

VOLLEYBALL: After venting its Olympic fears with sports psychologist Chuck Johnson, the U.S. men's team unleashed its talent Sunday in a sweep of Poland.

The Americans face Argentina today. Highlights will be shown during the late telecast.