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Laser firm may merge its offices

A Pennsylvania company is thinking of consolidating its Tarpon Springs and Port Richey facilities and building a $2.5-million manufacturing facility in Pasco County near Trinity Communities that would build high-tech laser components.

The company, II-VI Inc. (pronounced Two-Six) of Saxonburg, Pa., said jobs would not be lost in the consolidation. Rather, said Jim Martinelli, II-VI's chief financial officer, the company likely would retain the 55 to 60 positions now at the Tarpon Springs and Port Richey locations and make additional hires. As many as 190 people eventually would be employed at a consolidated facility, he said.

The move, however, is dependent upon financial incentives from state and county governments in the form of grants and loans.

II-VI purchased Virgo Optics of Port Richey for $2.4-million in December 1994 and the Lightning Optical Corp. of Tarpon Springs in February 1996. Both subsidiaries make laser components.

Martinelli said II-VI, which specializes in infrared laser optics, also is considering placing the new facility on land it owns near its Tarpon Springs building or at its Pennsylvania headquarters.