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Pinellas County bus service alters severals routes

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority announced changes affecting seven bus routes in Pinellas County.

Changes were made to improve operation efficiency and passenger service. The routes affected are 18, 19, 20, 52, 79, 94 and 100X.

One of the more significant changes involves 100X, a direct link between St. Petersburg and downtown Tampa to accommodate the employees of Equifax, which has moved to Pinellas County.

New schedules are available at PSTA terminals, on buses and by request through the schedules-by-mail program. For information call 530-9911.

"Route and schedule adjustments are made to enhance service and to ensure PSTA is operating efficiently and effectively. These changes were done strictly for efficiency and to improve service for our customers," said Jill Cappadoro, director of marketing for PSTA.

Here is a list of the changes:

Route 18 _ Departure times from Heritage Apartments have been adjusted so northbound and southbound buses depart at different times. The 7:40 a.m. southbound and the 7:45 a.m. northbound trips will now serve Heritage Apartments.

Route 19 _ Wheelchair service has been eliminated Monday through Friday on the 5:35 a.m. southbound trip from Central Plaza and the 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. southbound trips from Martin Luther King Jr. Street and Huey Avenue in Tarpon Springs. In addition, there will be no wheelchair service on the 5:05 a.m. northbound trip from Central Plaza or the northbound trips departing Maximo Plaza at 5:50 a.m., 9:10 a.m., 10:10 a.m., 1:50 p.m., 2:50 p.m., 6:10 p.m. and 7:10 p.m.

Route 20 _ The 6 and 7 p.m. southbound departures from Williams Park, and the 6:45 p.m. departure from Williams Park to Tyrone Square Mall will arrive five minutes later at their final destinations to improve schedule adherence. While the northbound route 20 will continue to serve Shelter F, the southbound route 20 will now serve Williams Park from Shelter H.

Route 52 _ The time point at PTEC has been eliminated, but service there will continue. Service has been discontinued into Tri-City Plaza and Imperial Palms Apartments after 5:30 p.m.

Route 79 _ The schedule map has been revised to indicate the new routing and departure location for Williams Park Shelter H.

Route 94 _ The 5:35 a.m. trip from Tarpon Springs has been discontinued and replaced with a 7:50 a.m. trip that will serve Coachman Fundamental School. The 4:55 p.m. trip from Honeywell has been discontinued and replaced with a 2:25 p.m. trip that will serve Coachman Fundamental Middle School.

Route 100X _ The schedule has been adjusted to reflect new service and routing to Equifax on Roosevelt Boulevard. Also, Route 100X will enter Britton Plaza to serve the HARTline bus station.