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Serial killer wants new attorney

Gerald Stano, a serial killer who confessed to slaying 41 women, wants to cast aside the state-paid attorneys who have kept him out of the electric chair for more than a decade.

Stano appeared before Circuit Judge James Foxman on Monday and claimed a "big conflict" with the Office of Capital Collateral Representative, which represents most death row prisoners on appeal.

Stano would say only that his complaint involves statements made by another inmate the agency represents. "That's a little touchy," Stano said when Foxman quizzed him.

The shackled convict said he wants to be represented by Mark Olive, who once worked for Capital Collateral but now runs a private practice in Tallahassee.

Olive has agreed to continue to represent Stano, but he asked for compensation. He told the judge, however, that he would continue to work on the case free if neither the state nor the county would pay.

The judge decided to postpone the hearing to have someone from CCR address Stano's conflict with the agency.

Stano, 44, a former short-order cook from Ormond Beach, was sentenced to death in 1983 for the murders of three Volusia County women. He told investigators he killed as many as 41 women in three states over 15 years.