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Cleaner had record of just one shirt

I took some clothes to Sterling Cleaners on Fifth Avenue N in St. Petersburg in January. When I returned to pick up the items, I received everything except for four shirts. The counter woman called another person to help. He took my name and ticket number and said he would track down the shirts and give me a call.

When I called a few weeks later, I was told that the shirts had been found, but when I went to pick them up they weren't there. Again the employees took my name and number and again nobody called.

When my boyfriend called after a few weeks, the man who answered said that, since I had left the items there for more than six months, they had been sold.

There were three men's long-sleeved shirts costing $60 each and one lady's long-sleeve silk blouse worth $50. They had been worn only once.

The ticket number is E-9854. There is no date on it. Could you help me? Yvonne Stephens

Response: Upon researching that ticket number, Elizabeth Pauley-Wisniewska of Pacer Inc., which owns Sterling Cleaners, said she pulled up a computer report showing that number listed with other incoming tickets.

She sent us a copy of the report. It shows that the ticket was issued Dec. 13. It reads "TR-4 _ $1.58," which she said means laundry of one shirt, which means you left only one shirt.

Grass by mail

I read your column of July 5 about Quicklawn Wonder Grass.

We also read that ad and since we are both in our 80s, it sounded like the perfect answer for our lawn. The ad said this "wonder grass is so desperate to sprout and spread, all you do is sprinkle the seed _ then water. Nothing else!"

It said there would be "no digging," "no nursing and babying," "no special soil preparations, no chemicals, no fertilizers."

The seed came promptly after we ordered it, but the directions said: "Cultivate soil to three to four inches; rake soil to make a smooth bed; fertilize with a balanced fertilizer; spread the seed uniformly on the bed; rake the seed lightly into soil; keep the seed bed moist with light and frequent watering . . ."

Please advise us what to do. M.M.

Response: The ad also says, "money-back guarantee (less postage and handling) if not delighted." Since you sound less than delighted, we suggest you return the seed with a letter requesting a refund.

Send it certified mail return receipt requested so you can prove it was received. If a refund is not forthcoming within six weeks, write us again.

Action has gotten five complaints about National Growers Nursery and their Quicklawn offer this year. Most have to do with non-receipt of the seed. Thanks for letting our readers know what to expect if they do get the seed.

Subscription halted

In August 1995 my subscription to Star magazine was stopped without notice. My subscription was not supposed to end until January 1996.

I wrote the publisher in November and supposedly my subscription was renewed. However, to date I still have not received any of the new issues. This may seem trivial, but I am a hard-working person and this is one of my few sources of entertainment. I am no longer willing to sit back and let this matter go by.

I hope you can get it resolved. P.A.

Response: Your subscription was canceled by Star because you paid only $28.88 instead of the $44.64 needed for a full year's subscription. The magazine apologizes for the misunderstanding. To renew, you will need to send more money.


Several readers called to comment on our July 4 Action column concerning people disposing of dog manure in a river.

One suggested that the condo install a trash container near the river so dog owners wouldn't have to carry the stuff back to their units.

Two readers chastised us for suggesting it be dropped in a compost pile, calling it a health hazard. We checked with a horticulturist at the Cooperative Extension office who said he does not recommend composting it because, while the heat in a compost bin will kill vegetable pathogens and seeds, it is not known what temperatures would be needed to kill the pathogens that might be present in the manure of meat-eating creatures.

The best advice we got came from Fran Farrell, who said she carries a thick wad of toilet paper and a small plastic bag when she walks her dog. She later flushes the dog droppings down her toilet and the empty plastic bag is put in the garbage can.

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