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French women win team epee gold

Published Sep. 16, 2005

France's Laura Flessel claimed her second fencing gold of the Olympics as she led her country to a 45-33 victory over Italy in the final of the women's team epee event.

The French left-hander, who won the individual epee Sunday, earned 15 points to put her country ahead 25-23, and Italy never recovered.

Russia beat Hungary 45-44 in extra time to take the bronze.

In the men's team sabre competition, Russia defeated Hungary 45-25 to win the gold. Italy defeated Poland for the bronze. Russia and Hungary met in the team sabre final for the third consecutive Games.

No breaks for U.S. men's team

ATLANTA _ The U.S. men's team is just about certain not to win a medal _ again.

Dhanraj Pillay scored two goals as India routed the United States 4-0. It was 2-0 at halftime, increasing the total first-half deficit in the Americans' three games to 10-0.

In other games, defending champion Germany got its first victory, beating Pakistan 3-1. Spain came from behind to beat Argentina 2-1. Spain will reach the semifinals if it beats the United States on Friday.